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    BBG Goa connects business between UK and India, Opening opportunities...

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    Goa is a young and energetic business market, Ready to grow...

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    The BBG work in close partnership with UK Trade and Investment across India.

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Exploring Opportunities

There are British Business Groups (BBG) in various cities in India, providing a forum for the business community, British and Indian, who share the desire to promote Indo-British commercial ties, to meet, discuss, and network. The programme and activities of BBG Goa are planned and organised around the requirements of the members. Prominent Indian and British guest speakers are invited to share their experiences in commerce and Special Interest Groups will be set up to facilitate activity in areas relevant to the members.

The BBG is a hub for business activity across India and at a local level. With its strong links to both UK and India governments and business circles it is a powerful interest group for anyone conducting Anglo-Indian business globally.

The BBGs work in close partnership with UK Trade and Investment across India. They also have broader global connections with British trade organizations, such as the Confederation of British Industry, the UK India Business Council and British Business Groups/Chambers in other countries, notably the Emirates. The BBG has close ties with other international chambers, and forms part of Collaborative Chambers initiative.

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