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BBG and Business in Goa

The British Business Group (BBG) in Goa believes that negativism is starting to disappear and be replaced by a posititve realisation of Goa’s potential. They feel that now is the time to take the bull by the horns and work on developing British business interests in India and Goan business interests in Britain.

British business group are looking to ride on the back of the continuing International interest in developing economic links in India emphasised by the number of high profile visits to the country by key heads of State and political figures – With the support of British Deputy High Commissioner & Director General UK Trade & Investment we have successfully managed to get The Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, UK Cabinet Minister for Business, Innovation & Skills to Goa on 11th Oct 2014.

BBG being to convince foreign business that whilst the tourist industry is critical to Goa’s prosperity there are so many other areas that can be developed that are clean, continue to develop transferable skills and keep Goa’s youth in the state.

To develop the Group as a coordinated body that can speak for the other international companies in Goa. In Mumbai and Delhi there are various organisations representing European Business groups, American Business groups, Australian new Zealand Business groups etc, in Goa we do not have the advantage of scale to have similar bodies so BBG has opened his doors to business interests other than British and Indian/Goan.

In addition to working within the Goan parameters there are other British Business Groups (BBG) in various cities around India, giving BBG Goa an ability to have an immediate link in these other business areas for advice and assistance.

Another major plus in being a member is the ability to listen and share debate with prominent Indian and British guest speakers invited to share their commerce experiences. BBG also have Special Interest Groups to facilitate activity in areas relevant to the members. The BBG is very interested in hearing and debating with key Goan individuals on subjects of commercial importance to the state.

BBG therefore would like to invite:
1. Genuine International companies with an established business here in Goa
2. Goan businesses with a Britsh interest in to join BBG Goa to coordinate the initiatives in developing the business and economic links

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