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'Beryl Nasse' Women Entrepreneur Award 2016

Eligibility Criteria:

The candidate must be:
• Owner or
• Partner or
• Majority shareholder
of a business.

The candidate must have been operating the business in Goa for at least 2 years and it must be shown to have excelled or endured through the different phases of a business cycle.
She must be fully engaged and active in the day-to-day running and decision-making in the business and shown perseverance and commitment to her business and demonstrated quality of her work.
The candidate must also show continued growth in the business and the following characteristics of a successful entrepreneur i.e. creativity, innovation, dynamic growth, sound management, financial, environmental & social sustainability.
She should also have the ability to recognise and assess risk, manage people and relationships, manage money, be able to delegate and have a good team ethic plus a “spark” that makes them recognised by their peers as exceptional.
Business should be for-profit although exceptions could be agreed by the evaluation committee in certain circumstances.
Business should have a proven track record and be seen to be providing value through its goods or services. It should also be replicable at an economical cost and must satisfy a specific need.

Who can nominate?
• Self
• Friends/acquaintances
• Employees
• Business owners
• Financial institutions
• Various organizations
• Local government agencies

Who will review the nomination?
A selection committee will be put together specifically for this award.
It will consist of representatives from the committee (plus business community and organizations pertaining to economic development/youth/ entrepreneurship.

Evaluation Criteria
The selection committee evaluates the projects based on criteria of creativity, sustainability (potential for growth) and impact. Examples could include……
•The creativity criterion: degree of innovation shown by the overall business concept, the uniqueness of the project on its market
•The sustainability criterion: financial impact of the business, its revenue model, development strategy and other aspects indicating its chances of long-term success and future growth.
•The impact criterion: effect of the business on society, in terms of jobs created or its effect on the immediate or broader environment.
•The overall quality and clarity of the material presented: committee looking for a motivated and committed entrepreneur who is passionate about their initiatives.
  Kindly fill the form below for nominations:

Visit of UK Cabinet Minister, Dr. Vince Cable to Goa

On Saturday we had our first major British visitor for some time and were impressed that it was not just a Member of Parliament but was actually a member of the governing Cabinet. Vince Cable Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and President of the Board of Trade.

We were fortunate enough to have a committee meeting with Mr Cable before the formal dinner where he invited the committee to tell him what the British Government needed to do in their relationship with their Goan counterparts.

He confirmed that the relationships were very good and, in his formal speech later, pointed out that British investments in India are bigger than any other country’s and are, in fact, higher than Japan’s and U.S.’s combined.

We also advised that the government’s new investment policy is to be complimented on and that there appears to be a number of areas that Britain can be involved in including the major capital intensive projects proposed.

He requested frankness from us and we obliged by not only emphasising the strengths of Goa , young English-speaking workforce, good logistics as regards air, rail and sea links, preferred living environment, low costs in rentals and salaries compared to Mumbai and Delhi etc etc. but also commenting on the areas which need improvement e.g. infrastructure, bureaucracy, corruption, attitude in some areas to non-Goans etc.

Much of this he was familiar with as his mother-in-law and father-in-law are Goans living in Verna and his many visits to the state started in 1965. He is also a life-long Arsenal supporter and was very impressed that a long-time hero of his, Robert Pires, is now donning the Goa F.C.shirt.

This convivial meeting was followed by dinner which was very well-attended , including several BBG members together with significant other personalities from the Goan business community with speeches delivered by the Deputy Chief Minister, Francis D'Souza, and by Srinivas Dempo in addition to that of Vince Cable.

The BBGs work in close partnership with UK Trade

These centres aim to build on the existing strong UKIBC, UKTI and BBG platforms, and create a significantly higher level of UK-India business engagement, providing UK businesses the additional support they need to succeed in India. In essence, they will provide a welcoming, high impact and attractive 'home from home' for UK businesses, especially SMEs, seeking to enter or expand in India. Specialist sector focused UKIBC account managers will work with businesses to support and advise on their India entry and expansion throughout.

BBG Kingfisher Goan Cultural Extravaganza

On the weekend of 14th/15th November we completed our 9th (or maybe 10th) Goan Cultural Extravaganza. As ever it was very well supported with guys and gals flying in from Delhi, Pune and Mumbai in addition to a large contingent from Goa – with great thanks to our much appreciated sponsors Kingfisher and Hafele. The weekend started in fine fashion at Woodstock in Benaulim with our Friday night triple D (drinks, dinner, disco) as old (not in an age sense) and new members connected and re-connected. The music was excellent despite our one and only gate-crasher trying his hand out at karaoke (fortunately quickly dropping into silent mode) and the dancing ….err….energetic.
After the requisite lie-in on Saturday (apart from the organisers) we all melded back into one unit at Hawaiian Gardens (coincidentally only 50 metres from Woodstock) for the first drink and snacks before bifurcating into the gender-divided units and invading South Goa. For those who haven’t experienced our event before, it is all about getting into local Goa – away from the 5 star hotels and tourist shacks. Ladies naturally being much more sophisticated and genteel than the loutish male members have a more concentrated programme and this year that entailed driving (then walking) into proper rural Goa and experiencing the dying art of Goan traditional clay cooking pot making before lunching at Nostalgia in Raia followed by cocktails, massage and swim at CSA Susegad in Loutolim In contrast the men went for quantity, hitting 11 bars plus beers on the boats. However we didn’t ignore the culture as we always look to the guys into the sort of bars, countryside and environments the visitor doesn’t usually get to but which deserve our good solid support - the crab-fishing boats being a great example of the experience as we drifted down the Sal to Betul with the guys desperately clapping hands to put the large fruit bats into flight (the bats had seen it all before so regarded us with clinical disdain). Hitting 11 bars sounds like a Bacchanalian escapade but we have to point out that at one bar the bill included 9 cups of tea…… hardly men running amok…..Although we did have a mystery swimmer who suddenly appearing in the middle of the Sal. I cannot say it was anyone I recognised although there were strong suspicions he was one of ours. Eventually after a lively finale with our annual egg-catching competition, sack race and pot-bashing we finished up at Incredible English Language School (which also has a bar and restaurant) for the reunion with the lassies …..and demands that we ensure this well-established extravaganza remains on our calendar …….here’s to next November
PS Delhi want our help in doing a similar (but different) event next year – watch this space


The NDTV ‘‘Mission Energy Challenge 2014’’ award function was held on 5th June, World Environment Day, at the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi. Bougainvilla-Hermitage Retirement Village, Nachinola, Goa, was awarded the runner’s-up title at this prestigious event.

Directors, Michael & Tomoko Lobo proudly state, ‘‘our motive is to conserve our earth’s natural resources. Participating in the Mission Energy Challenge has been an impetus to the residents and staff to dedicate themselves to this noble cause”.

Bougainvilla-Hermitage, which hinges on the slogan, “Independent, But Not Alone’’, was conceptualized as a Green Project. This was articulated in a brief to Architect Dr.S.P Deshpande, of Environmental Planning & Design Consultants. Solar panels, a Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Bio-Gas Plant, CFL lighting, plantation on arid rock, garbage segregation &recycling, water harvesting, and other green measures were already in place, surpassing international eco-norms.

The Directors state, ‘‘we have been socially as well environmentally conscious organization from the start. We have been empowering and motivating the surrounding village of Nachinola through activities, such as cleanliness drive, free medical camps, motivational workshops, etc’’.

Through innovative ideas and co-operation from staff and residents, they were able to meet the challenge and achieve considerable reduction in usage of electricity. State the Lobos emphatically, “Savings have not only been achieved monetarily, but have influenced us to make an even more conscious effort in preserving the bountiful resources of Mother Earth, and conserve it for future generations”.

Companies and businesses from all over India participated in the 60 Day Challenge. The concept was to reduce the use of electricity, and that too, in the worst summer months.

Beryl Nasse Award on 19th Sept 2016 at Taj
  Vivanta. Goa's Top Woman Entrepreneur

2016 Annual General Body Meeting at Fidalgo, on
 28th July 2016, at 6:00pm.

Quarterly BBG Meet at Fidalgo, on 11th January
  2016, at 7:00pm.

BBG Managing Committee Meeting with UK
  Cabinet Minister, Dr Vince Cable, on 11th October

BBG Goa Ex-President Beryl Nasse farewell party
  8th August 2014.
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