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The British Business Group concept was founded in Delhi in 1997 and initially whilst meetings were held at the High Commission, the links with Government were very informal. However over the years the steady progression of the BBGs has resulted in an increasing level of official respect and acceptance.The Goan chapter opened in 2007 with assistance from the Goa Chamber of Commerce and accelerated it’s membership and activities in 2008/9. During that period we have had some excellent meetings with varied individuals such as journalist and author, Sudeep Chakravarti, business icon, Nasser Munji, and Pullitzer Prize winner, Geeta Anand. Interspersed with the Business meetings are our BBG social networking sessions with variety being the essence and including informal dinners, cultural tours and visits. BBG Goa was also honoured in being given the opportunity to host, very successfully, the very first pan-India BBG Conference in 2011.

In addition to these events we continue to strengthen the relationship with British Goverment, via a recignised route through the United Kingdom Trade & Industry Department (UKTI) coupled with regular meetings and with the Goa Government bodies with the highlight being the visit of the Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Parrikar to a formal member's meeting.

We also Communicate frequently with our fellow BBG Groups on many issues with particular examples being the drive to encourage British Officials to visit the state and, via BBG Delhi, discussions on the issues around Business and Employment visas with the Ministry of External Affairs.

There are British Business Groups (BBG) in various cities in India, providing a forum for the business community, British and Indian, who share the desire to promote Indo-British commercial ties, to meet, discuss, and network. The programme and activities of BBG Goa are planned and organised around the requirements of the members. Prominent Indian and British guest speakers are invited to share their experiences in commerce and Special Interest Groups will be set up to facilitate activity in areas relevant to the members.

Peter Pinto

Neha Tours & Travel

Greg Johnson
Vice President

Whistling Teal Consultancy

Ashish Verlekar

Ashish V Prabhu Verlekar & Co

Kumar Pillai
Committee Member

Oriyon Molding

Shakil Manerkar
Committee Member

Siddharth Chemicals

Martin Bale
Committee Member

Walking Tall

Mangirish Salelkar
Committee Member

Umang Software Technologies

Bemvinda Barros

Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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